Friday, March 22, 2013

Sending Poems

The first book my husband ever gave me was one with the poems of Keats, and my grandfather would print out his favorites poems whenever he knew I was going to visit. Needless to say, I love poetry. I loved Walt Whitman, and Pablo Neruda in high school. Then fell in love completely with Mario Benedetti, a love that still continues to this day. Then E.E. Cummings, Wislawa Szymborska, and W. H. Auden to name a few.

I miss receiving poems from my grandfather, they were such beautiful gifts. So, I thought to myself (which is something I do quite often), why not send some instead? Perfect for my on going Flat Project, and to give to friends, just because you want to share a nice thing.

The poem I used, is one I saw at Dottie Angel's, (not that I was at her house, chatting about this and that and came upon the topic of poetry), but rather at her blog, which is where I spend my free time. I loved the poem, and decided to print some and embellish with a few things to send to my pen pals.

Here are some ideas:

 Pick your favorite paper, and poem. These papers were presents!!

Print and cut to appropriate size .

Roll and tie with nice ribbon. Eat some Cadbury Mini-Eggs while rolling (very important).

Sewn version. Printed on normal paper, and machine sewn onto felt.

Washi-tape version. Get your stickers, and scraps of paper to make a frame.

If you much rather find a surprise poem without having to print one, buy a ChocoLove, each bar comes with a poem!!
These are all flat friendly versions. Just add a letter to your friend explaining why you love the poem so much. I'm sure your pen pal will love it! Who is your favorite poet?? Do you have a favorite poem??

Have an inspiring weekend. Read poems. Send poems. Love poems!!!


  1. Love this idea. And very gorgeous paper. And how did you get your hands on Cadbury Mini Eggs!?

    1. The paper is beautiful isn't it? The Cadbury's are sold in an English/American store, which carries almost everything!

  2. Me encanta ese poema!!! Lo quiero para mi pero bordadito porfavo!

    1. sii??? ay no diga, bien pueda comisionelo a una bordadora NO conocida!!


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