Thursday, December 11, 2014

Warm vs Cold, Blue vs Grey

How about it, what do you think?? I hear all the time, "I'm wishing for a white Christmas," but I don't really know whether they're stuck with that song in their heads or they really mean it. 

Me?  I didn't grow up with a "white Christmas," but I left where I was born more than 20 years ago, so I've had my share of all that white, very cold, freezing, numbness...

I love grey, it is actually one of my favorite colors (that is, for sweaters, shirts, etc...) and even gloomy days have their appeal… then not so much after you've had them without interruption for weeks.

Blue skies on the other hand brighten the soul, bring smiles to bitter faces, and make everything more hopeful.

I'm not trying to fight nature, it is what it is, really. But when you come up with really, really cheap tickets to a warm place, you proceed to buy them immediately! Even more if the place you're going to is where your mother lives and you haven't spent a Christmas with her in 9 years!

So that is that and this above is what my little one wishes everyday could be. He comes from school everyday and puts on his swimming trunks and thinks he will be able to go out like that… no way!

We leave tomorrow, and I'm hoping not to take any blogging breaks, but who knows, I always have something in my head and the outcome is something else entirely.

For now I'm finishing this book (which I'm loving), and hoping to start this other one soon. I'm also soooo very excited about this online course, I can't wait for it to start. Other than that, I have grand plans of staring into sunsets and walking on the beach. And you? Are you wishing for a white Christmas or not??

Have a lovely weekend, and hopefully see you back here on monday,


  1. El tiempo vuela... Todo. Todito esta preparado. El cielo azul y el clima, aunque un poco fresco. Las lucecitas de colores, los aromas.............

  2. Dear Giova, thank you so much for your card. Unfortunately I cannot find your mailing address! So it is in this way I wish you and your family a great trip, a Merry Christmas and a Happy and Creative New Year.Love, Margareta (please email me your post address privately)


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