Tuesday, December 2, 2014

Just a bunch of vegetable pictures

I just rescued my computer, it was having really bad spam issues, and it was not settling well with "him" and me. Right now I was doing a search on my posts, and found this one, and since it never got published, I'm gonna go ahead and do it now. I like these pictures, and I like the fact that the light is the complete opposite of what it is now. 

**some time in august (i think)
Apart from trying to do nothing, I have also been trying to learn to take pictures, which basically means exploring with my camera's manual setting and seeing what I get.

Many years ago  I managed to take many credits in photography, but they were mostly developing black and white or color film. I was fascinated back then with the process and mostly with the isolation aspect of it.

I loved seeing the magic of it, and every time I was mesmerized by the process. Needless to say there is no developing going on here, but lately I simply enjoy taking pictures of  the vegetables that get delivered weekly to me, and finding the ones that appeal to me.

I'm learning little by little what I like about the pictures I take, and how to take advantage of the light on certain days.

Sadly, whenever I'm very excited about a picture and I upload it to this blog, for some strange reason it becomes all grey and doesn't look how it originally appears on the screen.

Anyway, just wanted to share with you a little distraction of mine, and let's hope this blog doesn't become a vegetable pictures one.

Happy 2nd of December!! I'm craving panettone, and you?? I usually have a big piece the 1st of december but I couldn't yesterday!
All the best,


  1. Love these shots. And I have also experienced the "grey transformation" of photos when published. What is that?! And because I'm such a good friend I'm going to eat a big piece of Panettone just for you today. jxo

    1. Well thank you!! And also you're too kind for eating a piece of panettone on my behalf :)
      Oh, and I have no clue why the pics become grey after being uploaded. Some day we'll find out and be; "ohhhh, that was it?"

  2. I don't mind the blueish color (and your blog becoming a veggy blog, although I'd miss the crafts and embroidered letters!), these are so nice and yummy! And completely not seasonal in December :D No Panettone here either, Jill can you eat another piece on my behalf ;) But first a few pepernoten this weekend. xx

    1. Can you imagine a veggie blog? Too funny!
      I finally had my piece of Panettone just so Jillian doesn't have to eat for 2 ;)


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