Sunday, December 23, 2012

A Christmas Gift

As you've read before, I love packages. Unexpected ones are even better. And when you can see the love and dedication someone has put into it, well that is just a perfect package isn't it? Add to this, handmade just for me, and well, you can see for yourself!
My pen pal and blog friend Puk sent me such a package for Christmas (and I couldn't wait until Christmas to open it). Thank you so much Puk, for such a delightful package!

If you want to see more stamp and crochet ideas do follow her blog, it is a constant source of inspiration! 
It looks as if it was made especially for this spot, don't you think?
This crochet envelope/clutch is absolutely beautiful, and I love the color and stitch!
Have a lovely Sunday!


  1. Ahhh esos paquetes bien pensados SON LO MAXIMO!!!! Se reciben gratamente y se aprecian.

  2. AMAZING!!! The clutch is totally beautiful! and the "alles gut" is super cool! I want versions of both!!!!

  3. Oh, I'm so happy that you liked the package, and the "Alles gute"-sign looks perfect in it's place. I managed to wait until christmas to open the present from you, but you know that already:)

    Thanks for your sweet words, Giova. I'm so happy!

    ^_^ Puk


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