Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Hello Etsy 2012

As you probably know I have an Etsy store. And you might think my reason for going to the Hello Etsy conference in Eindhoven (2 hours away from Amsterdam, and waking at the crack of dawn to make it on time) would be, that I want to improve my Etsy store?  While it was one of my reasons for going there, it wasn't the main one.
My main reason was that I really wanted to hear and probably meet Janine Vangool the creator and editor of Uppercase magazine. Which I did! Her speech (about how she started her publishing career) was really inspiring, just like her magazine is.
There was also  Satish Kumar whom I didn't know anything about. Wow!!  I was missing out on knowing such an incredible soul and what a great speaker he is.

Janine Vangool
Diana van Ewijk
Satish Kumar 
Many speeches were given, tips on how to be a better human, advise on how to sell on Etsy and the chance to meet wonderful crafters and people from all around. And to round up a perfect day, there was  Judith whom I haven't seen since we met in Berlin at The Hive. What a great day! What an amazing conference!
If you ever have the chance to go to these events, do go, even if you don't have an Etsy store!

Have a wonderful day!
**Don't forget to add a comment if you want to win an Uppercase magazine, it is open until Sunday!


  1. Aprender siempre es bueno. Y a esto se le saca el maximo de provecho.

  2. It was so lovely to meet you and chat for a bit! I had such a great time at Hello Etsy, it was so inspiring and such fun to meet so many new people (like you!!).

  3. Hi Giova,

    Thanks for your nice comment on my blog - and yes I went to The HIve - just got a new blog since May :)


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