Thursday, February 5, 2015

Mini Buntings for Valentine's day

At one point I had the intention of doing last years heart project again. Who knows where the time went? Did you know it was already february? I just realized it two days ago, when I received the most amazing Valentine's package. I'm still blown away by how beautiful and kind people are, so Julia if you are reading this, thank you so, so much! I am deeply touched by your thoughtful gift.

That package (you can see it at the end of this page), made me realize I have done nothing for my favorite holiday of all. I also realized that I haven't done many normal buntings (triangular ones), for the blog, and so I thought "now is the time."  You can read last year's Valentine's day manifesto here or take a look at the heart project here.

I made these little buntings in no time, so if you haven't done anything (like me), maybe this is the perfect craft for you.

As it is pretty straight forward I'll skip the instructions. But I do have one tip; fold the paper and then cut the triangles, don't cut 2 triangles and then paste, believe me, it is much easier the other way.

What I've used:

  • old paper (from an old book I got in France)
  • glue stick
  • glitter (mine is this one)
  • glue for glitter (I used this one)
  • twine (I used this one)
  • alphabet rubber stamps  (I've had mine for a really long time, but they have similar here)
  • blank cards

I had to show you a fabric version as well. Tiny diamond shapes sewn together. They measure more or less 3 cms each. Obviously the paper ones are quicker, but these ones take just 10 more minutes to make.

Gather some blank cards in your preferred color and simply tie the bunting around it. This way you'll be sending a greeting with a little handmade gift.

Lately time passes through me so quickly that an entire month just goes away without me realizing that it did. I do hope that my Valentine's greeting reach their destination, if not by the 14th at least in February.

And this is the beautiful package that found it's way to my mailbox!

I wish you a lovely weekend ahead, filled with hearts, and all things crafty!
And if by any chance you want to see this movie thinking it will be a romantic one, as it says on the description, please don't. There is nothing romantic about it. Serves me well for not reading the whole synopsis.


  1. I will attempt to make some tiny fabric hearts for a few buntings...yours are so delightful, Giova.

    1. Thank you so much! I would love to see how yours turn up :)

  2. Wow, I would have been equally floored by such a package. Each item is made and send with such are and affection. Just wonderful. Julia, hats off to you.

    Great stuff ladies. Both so creative. Happy weekend.

    1. Such an unexpected and beautifully wrapped package can floor most people :) I would think. Have a good weekend you too!

  3. La verdad es que a mi, los "mini" "banderines" me fascinan............


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