Monday, February 2, 2015

Wynwood Walls and Street art (sort of)

I thought I show you these before more than a month passes and I don't see the point in showing you these. I'm having mixed feelings about this area of Miami, which has now become yet another tourist attraction. Long gone are the days when no one dared walk on this part of the city. You might be thinking isn't it a good idea the area got "cleaned up?" 
Well, that is where my mixed feelings fall. Quite contradictory I know, but it will soon become yet another strip mall,, and that is what I don't like about it. Plus apparently rents are becoming ridiculously high, and all the galleries that were here before all the "street art" took over, now have to relocate.

Is it worth it? Not sure. Is it still street art? No way!  My favorite part about street art was the element of surprise, and that is gone. Is it art? I would say some of them are, and I think I would go with the term "mural." instead. You're also not charged to see the walls (at least not yet), which is another thing I like about street art.

This particular wall made a great backdrop for this family picture.

I'm always curious to see what captures my attention, and I think this time it was color and the setting. I was much more interested in the whole context and not just the particular wall.

There is an overload of painted walls in Wynwood (I think that is the main attraction), but the day was pretty so why not?

This building was entirely covered (on the other sides), but I like how this one looked from the parking lot.

Gate, color, color, color, dumpster, tree!

Lately, I'm much more interested in this sort of wall, and the fact that they haven't chopped the palm trees down to paint another wall!  To me, this is the perfect wall.

This was the wall I wanted to see and the reason for visiting Wynwood this time. I have encountered Swoon's work in the past and have been an avid admirer ever since. This entire wall was quite impressive, and I'm glad I got to see it in person.

Pavement, lines, curb, grass, hybrids!

And of course it is almost "obligatory" to take a picture in front of Maya Hayuk's very famous wall. I almost blend in ;)

Wishing you a very colorful week ahead,
P.S: I really hope whoever owns this piece of land, keeps it this way, untouched, intact, etc... (below)


  1. Thanks for the virtual tour. Never been to Miami, so have loved seeing your photos. I know it's not supposed to be for this reason, but street art does make great backdops for family portraits.

    1. Thank you for liking the "tour." I agree with you, these walls make excellent backdrops and now that we are living in the age of IG, FB and selfies they couldn't be better. A bit sad that it has come to that, but hey, "times are a changin!!"

  2. No se dice mas!!! Se ve absolutamente espectacular. Y con semejante COMPANIA......


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