Thursday, August 21, 2014

Colombian Fruits (some)

One of the things about visiting the place where you grew up is that you get to revisit your past through food.
Fruits is such a case since they are everywhere you look. For example, if I go to the bank there is a huge mango tree outside it´s door, and just one meter from the door, there is a woman selling whatever is in season, which means mostly everything.

We not only eat the fruit but we constantly drink the juice (or jugo) from the fruits every single day and from morning until night. To be honest I am not an eater of fruit, but a drinker of juice.

I´ve been trying to get my oldest to taste the typical  fruits (especially the least common ones) and learn their names. Even if we don´t live here I still want him to know and understand why Colombian fruits have quite a reputation, and it is not everyday that you get to taste so many tropical fruits in one sitting.

From top (clockwise, sort of ): Chirimoya (white pulp, black seeds), Granadilla, Lulo (mostly for juice), Zapote, Mamey, Guayaba Coronilla, Guayaba (guava), Pitaya (dragon fruit), Curuba (mostly for juice), and Tomate de arbol (literally translated as tomato from the tree, and also mostly for juice).

Zapote is one of my favorites to eat, not only do I love the taste, but it brings my childhood instantly back.

I hope all is well, and I wish you a wonderful weekend ahead,
P.S: Sorry for the blueish tint from the pictures, I´m not used to a windows computer and I have no idea where to fix that problem!!

Monday, August 18, 2014

Holding on to bits of the past

Being back to the city where I was born has brought back quite a big load of memories. Things like flavors, sights and scents.  The things we tend to forget when we are no longer exposed on a daily basis to them, simple things that make you feel you have arrived, that you are back, that you belong.

I have always struggled to understand where I belong. Even if I was born here, I never felt I belonged.  Ever since I can remember, I always wanted to leave this place. Eventually I left and even if I still feel like I don´t belong anywhere, I reached a safe place in my heart where I don´t need to belong to a place anymore.

If I let those memories of my adolescence come afloat then I can go back and hold on to those bits of the past that are still inside of me (which to my relief are plenty). Coming back here doesn´t feel like "coming home" anymore, but I still get to enjoy the wonderful things this place has to offer, and walk a bit down on memory lane.

This is a beautiful place despite the terrible reputation it has gained throughout the years. People are warm and welcoming, the food is glorious, and the sights are breathtaking. Like any other country in the world it has its good and bad things, it just depends on where you look or the perspective you take.

So far I´ve been taking it all in, as if I was seeing it all for the first time.Enjoying every single second so it will last me another fours year or more before I get to come back again, and holding on to those bits of the past because I don´t want to forget.

I wish you a very wonderful day,

Thursday, August 14, 2014

The Best book I read this summer

I've been reading quite a lot lately, it is summer after all. A bit of catching up was long over due, just me and the books (my husband was starting to worry I might get stuck to the sofa).

I read all sorts of genres, I'm not picky at all when it comes to books. I even read quite a lot of youth fiction which I don't tend to admit openly, simply because every one in this house makes fun of me (except of course, the little one).

I try to avoid recommending books because I think you need to know the person you are recommending the book really well, but I do love when people give me books or talk with passion about them. I usually tend to read what people recommend.

Everything I Ever Done That Worked is such a case. Tina, a blogging friend who I happened to meet for lunch some months ago told me about this book. Now I must tell you about it as well. I liked it so much that I'm breaking the rule of no recommending books.

It was really the perfect summer read. It is not a work of fiction, and I don't want to put it in the self-help category. It is simply what the title explains, and it is written in short stories. I found it inspiring, a sort of handbook for enriching your life. I couldn't put it down because I was so curious to read the next story, that I read it rather quickly, but I think it is meant to be read slowly.

I'm looking forward to re-reading bits and having it on my night stand so I can read it when I need inspiration or encouraging thoughts.

I hope you get it to read it, and I'm crossing my fingers that you like it as much as I did.

Thank you Tina for telling me about this lovely book!

** We travelled all day yesterday, and have arrived safely to our destination. The time zone is not the same so bear with me this next 2 weeks. I will tell you where I am on monday.

All the best,

Monday, August 11, 2014

Found Objects Garland

I hope you believe me when I tell you that I found all these little things the same day. It was actually a great day. One of those where the weather is perfect, every one is in a good mood, and you find the perfect things to create yet another garland.

It was also a great day because I saw my friend Jone (only for an hour or so), but enough time so we could talk for a little bit and hug each others. 

I think this is a happy day found objects garland!

You could gather your found objects in a week or maybe two? Or  maybe it can be your found summer objects garland like this one? Since I like garlands or strings so much, this is the best way I find to display what I like, and the reason why you see so many garlands in this blog!

I simply tied a piece of cream thread to all the objects, and added a piece of paper with the date (so that I can remember the special day).

I'm always looking for things on the street. I keep a plastic bag in my purse where I keep all the things I find.

Lately I've been looking for anything rusty. I saw this and I'm now obsessed with trying to dye fabric using rusty objects. So far this is all I've been able to gather, but I think it will be a nice collection soon.

Do you look down and keep the things you find? Do you make something with it, or you just keep it in bottles or boxes?

Wishing you a great start of the week,

Thursday, August 7, 2014

Getting it out of my system

Some things nag at me quite strongly. Others nag quite quietly and I don't bother with them. It is usually with the strongest where I pay more attention, so that I can get it out of my system.

Lately weaving is the case. I blame pinterest and instagram where I have been looking at some wonderful work. Mostly I blame this blog, because I would love a wall filled with weavings/tapestries, and she makes it look so easy.

I needed to try this craft one more time. I remember doing something similar when I was little, but I remember not liking it one bit. I thought maybe it was the age, but the truth is my patience levels have not increased since then (apparently), and I feel exactly the same way as I did when I was little.

I guess this is not my type of craft, or maybe I haven't learned to do it properly?

Now it hangs as a reminder that all crafts are not created equal, my patience levels are exactly the same as they were when I was 7 or 8 , and that even if the weaving is not beautiful, it sure feels good to get it out of my system.

That said, I do think I'm a much more patient person than I was back then, only that this is not the craft for me, and because it frustrates me, then I become impatient in this particular regard.

Trying new things keeps the inspiration flowing don't you agree? Have you tried any new crafts lately?? Did you succeed or not?

Have a lovely and inspiring weekend ahead,
P.S: Since my birthday is tomorrow I wanted to offer a 20% discount in my Etsy shop - it expires the 10th of August. Code: BIRTHDAY41

Monday, August 4, 2014

The art of doing nothing

I wanted to pop by and say hello, and since I've been doing "nothing," I thought why not?

Have you ever tried to do nothing? Has it worked?
That is one of the many arts I haven't been able to master... so far. Every time I try I fail miserably.

Now for the past month I have been trying very hard to do nothing, but no, it hasn't been possible. There is always something that needs to be done, cleared up, arranged, organized, etc...

So I gave up trying to do nothing.  I think the word "nothing"by implying so little, puts tremendous pressure therefore making it too difficult to ever achieve that state. I think "nothing" is a state you reach out via a very mysterious highway. I haven't been able to locate the entrance…yet.

I decided to change the meaning of the word nothing, and now it means doing anything that I like doing with no expectations. For example; If I do an embroidered brooch it ends up on Etsy. I like doing it, but there is the expectation that I will sell it behind it.

So far this is what doing nothing means to me:
  • Reading lots of books (most of the ones above were recommended on the e-course I took).
  • Going to the beach in search of driftwood and other interesting specimens
  • Walking in the forest
  • Visiting bookshops
  • Writing on my journal
  • Finding beautiful stores, like the one below (more of it later one)

I hope all is well at your end, and that you have been enjoying every second of this wonderful summer.
All the best,

Monday, July 7, 2014

Lately and possibly the following weeks

Last week pretty much looked like this (see 4 books below). I'm catching up since I wasn't able to read for some months. Apart from reading and watching the World Cup I haven't done anything else this last week. And now that Colombia is out of the World Cup, I've lost my interest entirely, so more time to read.

Well, O.K… I did the laundry, picked up the mess and gave the occasional kiss to my kids, but I haven't touched a needle or thread or fabric or button or yarn or….

The roses are not from this week, but they were everywhere I walked (i did walk), and it was so beautiful, and I wanted to show them to you.

See the book garland?? Well, it is one of the projects from the wonderful e-course I won, and it has been so inspiring, and I couldn't be more grateful and happy that I won a spot in it.

And a page from my notebook where I try to write or paste anything… So as you can see it has been pretty slow, and I'm hoping it will continue this way.

We have no plans for the summer, but maybe just maybe, we we'll jump in the car and drive down to Italy (I'm crossing my fingers)!!

**Would you mind recommending me some wonderful books??? I would be more than grateful.

This is it for me now, my kids start their summer vacation on wednesday and I really don't want to think about the blog during their vacation. You can find me here (maybe).

I wish you calm and beautiful days ahead. Happy summer and I see you back in a couple of weeks.
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