Wednesday, April 30, 2014

Paper Doilies Garlands

I knew I was missing a very important garland for my collection.  Hand dyed paper doilies, of course! As usual, it is quite easy to make, and you need nothing more than a bit of patience.

What you'll need:

  • paper doilies
  • thread and needle
  • food coloring


  • Don't let the doilies in the water too long otherwise they tear
  • Don't dry them flat otherwise they get too wrinkled
  • I dried them on top of a heater in the shapes you see, but please be careful
  • If you don't want purple looking fingers, wear gloves
  • I added a lot of food coloring!!

Wouldn't an entire wall filled with paper doilies garlands look incredible?? Or a hanging from a tree for a summer party? Or for a wedding?

I can dream, can't I? Unfortunately my stash of small paper doilies is running very, very low, and I couldn't make more (insert sad face here).

Have a very crafty day, and don't forget that a most wonderful surprise snail mail GIVEAWAY is going on!

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