Friday, May 2, 2014

Picking Tulips… again.

For the third year in a row (I might add), we went back to the tulip picking activity. Every time I go, it feels like I'm seeing it all for the first time, and I know I showed some tulip fields some weeks ago (this is the last, promise), but I couldn't not show you again. Since it only happens once a year, why not?

I promise I haven't photoshopped the above picture. I know it looks a bit strange, but that's the way it actually was and felt when I was standing there.

My older one decided to skip the trip this year, and I don't blame him. The road to get here is impossible with traffic, what should take 20 minutes, takes an hour. Plus when you are a teenager you live in your own little world (and tulips are not welcome), oh, well...

 One of my favorite color combinations, right here.

Happiness in a bucket, and my helper is the best. Except of course when he steps on the flowers, then not so great.

 Fill a bucket, pay 7 euros.

Get home and find every little container you can, and admire nature's beauty. This is what I call happiness in a bucket.

Wishing you a very colorful weekend,
and just a friendly reminder that there is a GIVEAWAY going on, and that I completely forgot I had a trip so the deadline has been moved!


  1. Holy cannoli, ugh, this is beautiful. I would LOVE a chance to pick tulips at a tulip farm (or, preferably, just take a bunch of pictures)!

  2. Oh the color of happiness! I wish I was there it truly looks surreal!

  3. Siempre es refrescante mirar esos campos. Ese colorido..... Y esos importantes "acompanantes"!!!!

  4. I love these endless fields of color and the happiness in a bucket that you transformed into so many different bouquets! And that orange in the first picture is just out of this world!

  5. Those colours are so gorgeous. And 7 euro a bucket?! I would have loved to see Nino tramping all over those flowers too!


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