Monday, April 28, 2014

Berlin for a few days… with kids!

Lately, traveling with our kids has become more of a challenge. How to please an almost teenager and a 3 year old who thinks he is a teenager?? Someone?
We really have no clue what we are doing, but  we go with what feels right for all of us.

The Bundestag was a favorite with all. The building is impressive, the views are magnificent. Just remember that you need to make a reservation in order to get in.

Sometimes we search for photo booths, some other times they just appear in our path. We love them! It is the best way to have lots of fun, plus it is always a great souvenir.

 Parks are always a must. Berlin has really amazing ones and almost in every other block. Never mind the weird graffiti!

This time we visited to very impressive museums. The museum of natural history, and the DDR museum.  I can't recommend both enough. Both of them really loved the natural history one, and my older one loved reading all about the history of east Berlin in a very interactive way.

 Of course we ran through monuments.

And we sat to think about the Berlin wall and how it affected this whole city.

We were only able to go for a few days, but it was a great city to visit as a family. On top of everything, the food is great, and very cheap too. Museums are very affordable, and public transportation is very reliable.

All in all, I think Berlin is a very child friendly city, for little ones and bigger ones as well. Pheewww!! We made it after all.

Have a wonderful start to the week,

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  1. Aaah Berlin es lo maximo!!! Y las fotos quedaron buenisimas! Dan ganas de ir con todas tus recomendaciones!


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