Monday, September 23, 2013

Stitched Narratives with Jessie Chorley

I'm slowly, slowly showing you my week in France. I still want to reminisce about it and I don't want it to be over so quickly, even though it feels like a long time ago.

Today I'm introducing you, to our wonderful teacher Jessie Chorley and some of her work. To be able to learn from her was really a dream come true. She was an inspiration and a very helpful teacher (and quite patient I might add).

What I learned from her; was to be able to see things differently. To add a little piece of fabric here and there or that tiny little seed stitches do make a world of a difference.

 The beautiful sewing set she gave us.

Her bags of fabric pieces were like Mary Poppin's bag. What a delight to be able to rummage through her bags, everything was soooo beautiful.

 Here she is, showing us her work on the first day.

 The inside of the sewing set, I know you'd be curious to see the inside.

A fragment of one of her works.

What I realized from the workshop was that I love (LOVE) words, (as if I didn't know this before). During the workshop week, it just got reinforced that stitched words is what I love doing the most, now I just have to figure the best way to go about this love. Not an easy thing.

I'll show you next time what I did.

Have a super wonderful monday.


  1. Oh the memories! Thank you!! Best wishes,
    Marguerite, dead bored in her office now.

    1. The memories are great, it was a wonderful week.
      Reality now creeps in, sorry you're bored at the office.

  2. wonderful post!
    I am glad you took such beautiful photos...thank you.
    ah, yes.....reality. I am trying to redefine my own reality.....give it a try.
    no reason we can't have a bit of "this" every, single day, right?

    1. You are so right. I will try redefining my own reality, I think I'll have better luck like that, because a bit of this every day will be a great thing. Thank you!!


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