Friday, September 20, 2013

DIY - 6 Paper crafts using old books

Now with old books in my house I've been crafting like a mad woman. This little card, was given to me by Julie at the end of the workshop. It is the one to blame, for it has unleashed an "old book rampage."

She used a really beautiful rubber stamp she had made, and just added a string to tie it.

Lets start with some pretty flowers.  How about a bouquet of neon flowers? Perfect to tuck in with your letters, or to add on top of your presents.

As if my house needed more buntings!  I like how the neon color looks against the old paper. The string is just a bunch of scraps and selvedge tied together.

Strings are really my favorite thing to make. I used some hole punchers, and  I just drew the other pieces. And then to give it a bit of weight I added a few buttons.

I left this one simple, but I really want to make one with a lot of rubber stamps printed on the  paper.

Is never too early to start thinking about the Christmas card you'll send to your friends, or is it??

I bought this note pad at the supermarket, ugly cover, nothing special. Now I think it is pretty darn cute.

Simply cover with an old page that has a nice illustration. Then use your favorite washi- tape, and rubber stamps.

And well... you know me. I had to make some envelopes using the paper. I wouldn't feel "complete" if I hadn't made some.

I'm glad I'm putting the pages of those old books to good use. I'm also glad I discovered that crafts using old books are really incredible because not much is needed. The whole beauty is in the old page (is that corny enough?).

Okeydokey, this is it! I promise I won't be covering lamps or tables with the paper. Or that next week there will be a post with 10 "new" ideas for old book pages.

Have fun and a happy weekend!


  1. Love it all. And I can't even talk about the fact you've already started making Christmas cards. I'm officially IMPRESSED (as if I wasn't before!).

    1. Haha "officially" me too! The Christmas card was the most fun, easy and fast. I'm glad you liked it.

  2. Me encanta tu buen gusto. Precioso todo. Impecable!!!

    1. Gracias querida, el buen gusto viene de por ahí, jaja!!

  3. Hahaha you post made me smile, the enthusiasm speaks for itself in your words & images (and I don't mind another 10 ideas!). Wow, you made christmas cards more than 3 months in advance, impressive! Enjoy your weekend! xx

    1. Oh no, this is not the official Christmas card yet, I'm in the "sketch" phase haha!!
      I'm glad this made you smile ;)

  4. Replies
    1. Thanks Stephanie, and they're very easy to make;)

  5. it is ALL wonderful, but that STRING!!!!!! it certainly pulls at my heart in a special way.
    You are delightful, Miss Giova!
    Nice Christmas card, too.....and, no, it is never too early or the wrong time to make something fabulous for ANY season....or reason.....ha!

    I miss you. Keep thinking about you. Hope the flight back was fine and your re-entry home was celebrated. Bet the guys were happy to see you!

    love to you - keep on CREATING! xo

    1. I'm glad you liked the string, it is my favorite of all.
      I miss you too and think of you often, will snail mail soon!


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