Friday, August 23, 2013

A String of Shells

We have been back in Holland for more than 2 weeks already, and every time we see the sun shinning (which is not very often), we jump in the car and go to the not very popular beach.

One of my favorite pastimes is gathering shells, and then putting them on a strings (I love strings of things). A very easy craft and one that I'm sure your recipient would love. I'm not including this in my flat project as it exceeds the dimensions. But it is something I would definitely include in a package for a pen pal.

What you'll need:

  • shells - especially watch out for the ones with holes otherwise this won't be an easy craft
  • thread in your favorite color, and needle
  • tassels, pieces of fabric, anything that you want to add to your string
  • origami paper for the box

Then just string the shells how you want them. Adding pieces of fabric, or beads along the way. I always start mine from the bottom part.

Have fun putting it together. There is really no right way or wrong way to do this.

I really think that this string makes for a really nice gift. Or at least it is something that I would love to receive.

Then make a little "Masu" box with your origami paper. This box was made by my son, and he used the scissors for a part, which I'm almost certain in origami you don't use them. You can find instructions here and here.

I hope you will be inspired to make your own little string, and to share with friends the nice shells you picked this summer.

The shells I pick usually go in a small glass bottle with a label of the name of the beach. How do you keep your shells or the things you gather from nature? Is there a especial way you keep them?

Have a wonderful weekend and if you go to a beach keep this string in mind!

PS: I leave today for Copenhaguen (haven't been there since I was 18). I'm helping with a project, and they were willing to pay for my travel expenses (so if you know me, you know I can't keep myself out of an airplane for too long). I hope to instagram the bejesus out of that amazing city.


  1. Oh I love this, there's really no way this could go wrong.

    And do you mean that the beach itself you went to isn't that well visited or that Dutch in general don't go to the beach so often? :P Because that last part is true. They're more of the camping/swimming pool kind of people. I think it's part culture and part that the sea in The Netherlands is really fickle and that it's either too cold to go because of the wind or very rarely too hot because you have no cover anywhere from the sun.

    1. Aljona; The Dutch do go to the beach, when it is sunny of course ;) It get quite crowded, that is why we go to the not popular one, and more family oriented. And you are right, too cold and windy, and nowhere to get shade if it is sunny!
      I'm glad you liked this little project, have fun!

  2. I loooooove these strings! They are really cool presents I think! Have fun in Copenhagen :)

    1. I'm so glad you like them. I wouldn't mind receiving a string like this from a friend who travelled to the beach this summer ;)
      Copenhaguen was really great!! Especially the pastries!!

  3. Es increiblemente lindo. Un regalo precioso de tiempo, gusto y dedicacion. Me encanta!!!!


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