Monday, June 3, 2013

A Re-cap of the The Hive Blogging Conference

As I was saying the other day, I feel extremely lucky and grateful that I got to go back to The Hive. Seeing some old friends and meeting new ones was just what I needed!
Apart from that, I found amazing inspiration through Deborah Beau, Tina Fussell, and Dietlind Wolf's talks. They were indeed part of the highlights of my weekend in Berlin.

Since I'm the biggest fan of goodie bags (I think it is a left over from all the parties I attended when I was little, especially in Colombia where people hand out the best goodie bags), I couldn't help sharing.
A cool melamine tray, a meter of fabric (seriously I can't wait to do something with it), face products, and the nicest little notebook I've seen lately, especially made for a traveller like me!

Happy Monday!!


  1. Ahh so cool! I would love to see a Colombian goodie bag :D

    1. They are indeed the best thing, people put so much effort and creativity into it, that it is not one of those that you leave behind and not feel guilty about it ;)


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