Wednesday, June 5, 2013

A Girl Crush - Dietlind Wolf

One of my highlights (big and with capital letters) of The Hive,  was being able to listen to Dietlind Wolf. It is so nice to actually meet someone you follow and admire from afar, only to realize that the person is unbelievably kind and giving. Her sensibilities are obvious when you've seen her work, but then everything clicks perfectly when you get to hear how she works and how she develops the concepts for her work. Her workshop was truly incredible and inspiring.

Why do I like Dietlind Wolf so much?

For starters let me say that this is one cool lady. I loved how she was dressed that day and so it added many more points to my crush, (totally lame thing to say, I know), but that is how it goes. I would love to see things the way she does, everything is meticulously perfect in her way. Basically I simply feel inspired by her work.
So there you go, oh, and I would love to see her work space, it would definitely be the coolest thing ever!!

So tell me, you people out there, what would you love to do if you got to spend the afternoon with your crush???

Wishing you a most happy day!


  1. I love the idea of a girl crush. I can't think of any at the moment, but I know I have them. I would probably ransack her closet and makeup bag!
    Also love your fangirl photo. You and Dietlind are color coordinated!

    1. My fan girl pics are so awkward, but like a good fan I really need them to remind myself that I was actually there meeting them!!
      Girl crushes are the best!!

    2. Exactly! You both look so pretty and color coordinated! It's nice to have girl crushes, especially when meeting IRL fits with the person you know from books&blogs. I actually have a secret pinboard with mine!

  2. Dietlind Wolf is certainly popular judging from all the reviews of the Hive. It's so lovely to be introduced to such a talent. You look so happy in the photo, must have been a wonderful day. xx

    1. I think she was so popular simply because she was so kind and giving, I mean she literally took lots of her props to show us how she works. At this day and age, people can't be bothered, they just put a presentation on power point and that is it!! So it was really incredible to be in that workshop!


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