Monday, May 13, 2013

Spring Garden Market

This weekend we ventured out in the rain to a "spring market" organized by Sissy-Boy (a home and clothing store here in Holland - very popular by the way). Filled with organic products, plants, home accessories, a very nice barber (yes you read correctly, a barber), bicycles and many other exciting things. The rain was making everything damp, but not the visitor's spirits. It was quite a very nice atmosphere, especially if you got to enjoy, ahem! the barber, or you got to get your face painted as Spiderman!

Grey days, make for grey pictures. But I like them any way, not always though. The grey days, not the grey pictures!!
Did you see the barber doing his magic on my husband? Well, he now has my husband under his spell. A spell of scented potions, warm towels and perfect beard!

Hoping that the sun is shinning wherever you are!


  1. Oh nice! I like good barbers! It almost makes me wish I had facial hair, just to feel those warm towels and eau de Cologne ;)
    Looks like the Spring garden market was all set for sunny weather, what a pity! But it looks fun (and not too crowded!) anyhow :)

    1. Apparently he was super nice, so much so that my husband is now planning bi-monthly visits!! The look of the pictures would have been so different with some sun, for certain. But very fun for some of us ;)


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