Wednesday, May 15, 2013

A Snail Mail Giveaway

I've been thinking of doing this giveaway for awhile now - not sure why I didn't. But in any case here it is; mostly it's things I got at Target (my favorite store in the US), and a note card set I got from my other favorite store, Anthropologie. The washi-tape and pens are from Hema (my favorite store here in Amsterdam).
Things for snail mail are the best. Even if you are an avid and long time snail mailer or just joined in the fun, I'm pretty sure you'll want to add this to your collection.
I will also send the winner a surprise package of things I've made for the Flat Project.
If you are looking for pen pals these are good places to start: Letter Writers Alliance and Postal Society.

Alphabet stickers and rubber stamps, tags, post-it notes, pens, wash-tape, ribbons, and 2 sets of cards with envelopes, plus a surprise packet with handmade things by me!!

  • Open to all
  • Until May 21st, 2013, 9:00pm (my time, european something, something)
  • Leave a comment saying why snail mail is so very cool (you could also just leave your name and email, so I can contact you in case you win).
  • Share it if you like, that would be kinda nice.
  • And that's about it, you don't have to like us here and there, but it would be kinda nice as well.
Have a brilliant day. Happy mailings and to infinity and beyond!!


  1. AnonymousMay 15, 2013

    Awesome giveaway! I love that you're promoting snail mail. Back to the roots!

  2. Snail mail is so very cool because you can hold it, smell it, feel it, pin it up and keep it forever; it's something to be treasured.

    *Fingers crossed* Hope I'm lucky


  3. I've only just started sending snail mail and searching for pen pals and so far it's great! It's very special to get something in the mailbox, just for you :)

    Aljona (at) gmail (dot) com

  4. Hi,
    snail mail is the future. How will we fill our museums in the 22nd century if people stop writing on paper? I am old school! Letters are social history, lose them and we lose a huge slice of life.
    I thank you, that is all!
    I would love to win a prize and I don't mind waiting for the snail to deliver it!
    I found you via Jillian in Italy on Instagram


  5. Hey, my name is Trine.
    I just found this giveaway and blog through Instagram, and I have to say I think it is inspiring that you are doing this :)
    What I like about snailmailing is that it gives me the oportunity to know people from different places in this world in a way that I wouldn't have been able to otherwise. I love how much effort people put into their letters; it's nice to share experiences from everyday life with each other. Finding letters waiting for me in the mailbox makes the day that much brighter.
    Anyway, that's what I like about snail mail correspondence.
    My e-mail is:

  6. Thanks to JillianinItaly for sending me to your blog! My family is spread out over three continents. While email/internet have been great ways of keeping in touch there is still something magical about receiving snail mail. I love watching my kids' faces light up when they get mail addressed to them. I am guilty of sending snail mail only on special occasions. How nice it would be to win this wonderful giveaway and surprise someone with a "just thinking of you" mail.

    My email is swirvin_be(at)yahoo(dot)com

  7. I adore brightening up my friends' mailboxes! Send more mail!

  8. I love snail mail because you get the thrill when you received a letter, enjoy the process of writing the reply mail and decorate the envelope then sending it out feeling proud when they've got it and at last you get to do it all again.

  9. AnonymousMay 15, 2013

    Another fellow snail-mailer! Saw you through instagram - writing letters is just super fun. A simple way to brighten anyones day.

  10. AnonymousMay 15, 2013

    Another fellow snail-mailer! Saw you through instagram - writing letters is just super fun. A simple way to brighten anyones day.

  11. Wow those snailmail goodies look amazing.

    Snailmailing is such a fun and relaxing thing to do. It allows you to be as creative and imaginative as you like. In today's world where things are so reliant on technology, it is nice to get back to basics with just a pen and some paper and take your time penning a letter.

  12. Wow, wow, such an amazing giveaway. The reason I love snail mail is simply because I love preparing a little package of goodness for someone, putting in little things they might like, wrapping it up nicely. It makes me feel good.


  13. what an amazing giveaway! i just wanted to say that snail mail is pretty awesome because it makes you connect with others quite easily. i just love hearing about different cultures especially. i started crafting when i made penpalling a serious hobby too! i've been happy since because it's surely a stress reliever and i absolutely love it! pretty packages, envelopes and paper get me even more excited whenever i open up that tiny metal mailbox. it's great to know that others, like you, are out there too.

    1. i forgot my name and email! haha.

      justine /

      thank you!!

  14. Thanks to Instagram, i'm here!

    If I write a letter or a postcard, I love using my own fantasy, I do write in circles or from right to left (the friends who receive those snailmails think I'm a little bit crazy...!), with drawings, or collages of pictures, instead of words...

    If I receive a letter or a postcard handmaded like mines... I'm the happiest person on earth! Because I feel concrete friendship in that paper, I look at the time my friend used in making me feel cheerful, only by looking at that colours and at that words...


  15. snailmail is friendships. it's sharing everyday life experiences. inspiring. creative. full of colours. slow (in a positive way). calming. it's the beauty of handwriting. and finding (or putting) the cutest little surprises in the envelopes.

    it's finding sunshine in my mailbox. and bringing that sunshine into other's mailboxes.


  16. AnonymousMay 16, 2013

    What a great giveaway! And such a nice way to discover your blog -- definitely going to follow! Although I don't understand why you feel you live so far apart when Amsterdam is only some 20 minutes from Breukelen by train... Oh, you mean that óther Brooklyn?! ;P

    Snailmail is awesome because it is part of ME. Don't say "duh" please because it took me 20 years to rediscover that. It's so relaxing to write and embellish a letter in stressful times. And of course a good excuse for that stationery addiction I have!

    Thanks for the giveaway, keeping my fingers crossed! :)


  17. Hello Giova & Gianni~
    It's me! Fiona from Malaysia! Thanks for the giveaway!!! Saw it from your Instagram post! Hehe!

    "Snail mail penpals are those penpals that communicate with one another through the postal system, rather than on the internet which has become the more common medium." (from wikipedia) I love this statement, have the same opinion! ^^

    Why I think snail mail is very cool! I love snail mail since younger age, I just really like the way we (refers to me & my pal) met each other letter by letter, sending & receiving, sharing our little story, idea, thought from our daily life, we send each other little things here and there! Its just always made my ordinary day into an extraordinary, special and brighter day! ^_^ yohoo!

    Again, thank you very much for the giveaway!! Appreciated that!


  18. What a nice give away Giova! As I'm trying to send more and more snail mail, I'd love to join! It makes opening the mailbox so much nicer if you find a colorful postcard or letter in there :)

  19. ❤ sweet sweet snail mail ! treasurable and touched and touching and thought-full ... a mini-work-of-art maybe ! with a stamp ! ( an even-minier-work-of-art )

  20. Hello!
    Snail mail is sharing and caring. Especially when done with people we don't know. Snail mail is like butterglies in the stomach (not sure it makes sense in English!).

  21. AnonymousMay 19, 2013

    What a great giveaway, thanks for the chance to win.
    What I love about snailmail is not being restricted by connection speed, by 140 signs, that you can take time to write and think, that you can use colours, bold, italic, whatever 'font' you like. Oh, and that you can scribble messages and ps's in every little corner.

  22. quisiera por los siglos de los siglos que no he ganado nada aunque sea el de consolacion.... soy tu fan y tengo una pancarta hecha con escarcha..... amen

  23. Snail mail is lovely, because it is so personal - especially if it is hand written. You can feel the sender behind the words.

    mementovivere-dk (at)

  24. I would love to win this giveaway! Those sets of cards with envelopes.. "That would be kinda nice" as you said before.

    I write a lot. A couple of days ago I wrote a cheesy, but very sincere poem to a girl I'm deeply in love with. She didn't care that much about it... I think a cool envelope could help a lot (LOL) I mean...I could try it again :)

    Snail mail? Mmmm I've never send a letter by mail... But as I said before, those sets of cards and envelopes could really help me with this girl. She'll love to get a letter made with that giveaway material i'm about to win.

  25. Other than 1300 number, snail mails are indeed an important mode of communication.


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