Wednesday, May 1, 2013

One Spritz for me, Please?

It is the time of year where everything turns orange (koningendag). The time when inevitably the people who control the posters in the city, decide it is time to bombard me with the only advertisement that gets me going. Usually, I don't really care what they put up - (I said, usually). But when this "orangy" looking one is placed right at 20 steps from my doorway, I can't help but dream of Venice (Italy) and my favorite drink in the whole wide world. And it gets me! This poster does work its little magic on me.

Curious to make it?

    3 parts Prosecco
    2 parts Aperol or Campari if you prefer it a lot more bitter
    1 part sparkling water
and garnish with a piece of orange ( I like it much better with olives, but for the sake of the "real" spritz I placed a piece of orange).

This is a very easy drink, and light (just how I like them), and it is better just to eyeball it. If you like it bitter then make it really orange, if not then make it light, simple as that!

The poster that I can blame all my spritz cravings on, and here I was thinking I was completely immune to  advertisements. Can you spot me in the glass?? I'm already there in the drink!
I'd love to know what sort of ads get to you? Which ones are calling your name, if any are?

Be happy, and drink wisely/safely.
** And yes, I even own a glass that says; "aperol, spritz."


  1. The only advertisements that get me these days, are the pretty ones with beautiful type or illustration, often for theater shows or festivals... Your King's day drink reminds me of Crodino (also bitter and with very little or no alcohol), drank it in Italy and kept the little glasses. They served perfectly well as small vases :) Happy first of May!

    1. I'm glad you kept the little glasses, now I don't feel so bad for keeping mine! I will look next time for the Codrino drink ;)


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