Monday, April 29, 2013

A Doily Obsession

As seen in many previous posts, this doily obsession has been intensifying by the minute. I love the paper kind; plain, colored, heart shaped, small, extra big and well, you get my drift.
Usually, with most of my crafts I don't feel they're done unless I add words to them. I like to remind myself of certain things. To add a burst of color is my other obsession; neon colors!! (I know its so last year, 80's, etc..., but what can I do?).
These are my latest craft creations. I hope they inspire you to get your doilies and paints out.
Hang them in a bunting way, or from a wooden stick, or just by themselves. Or better yet, send one to your pen pal.

Be happy. Create. Have fun.

Some web shops carrying doilies: 32 degrees North, Gift Shop, Scrapbook, and my favorite Talking Tables.
Have a wonderful day!


  1. love the [it will be great] very cute!

    1. Thank you it makes me happy that you liked it!

  2. Beautiful Giova! I love them!

    1. Thank you Lein, you are so sweet!

  3. Hi Giova!
    Yes we do have the same love for doilies!!
    The credits belong to you then, I guess, because I have seen this first photo above on Pinterest and I became inspired to make my own...Thank you!


    1. Indeed doilies are the best!
      I'm glad you found my crafts inspiring.
      All the best!


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