Friday, May 3, 2013

Queen's Day Amsterdam

This past tuesday it was a holiday here in Holland. No schools. Everything closed. This is our second "queen's day" and I've never ventured out to the centre. Last year we walked around our neighborhood and you can see it here. This year my son decide to become more active in the festivities, i.e; he thought he'll sell his "stuff," and make some money like everyone else. He sold everything except the books. He was very happy with the outcome, and so was I, for seeing him so organized and determined.

That green car on the left corner was for sale (Mercedes 1977, 1,500 euros). Anyone interested? If you enjoy flea markets this is the place to be. I'm thinking next year I'll join my son and sell some of my stuff too.

Have a wonderful weekend!


  1. oooh, my oldest has been wanting to get a flea market stall for ages! Might just send her off with her dad, your photos inspired me!

    BTW, love your blog concept and the header is adorable!

    1. You really should let her, it was so fun and inspiring to see my son do this, even the way he "decorated" the things, and prices, it was all him!
      And thank you for liking the blog!


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