Sunday, September 30, 2012

Lamps & More

Many lamps were found, none were brought home! Nothing seems to capture my eyes and heart completely, so instead I met Yvonne who was there as part of the "meet the blogger." Remember the Yvestown Fair and how I didn't get the chance to meet her? Well we met here at the Woonbeurs instead of her fair! 
Here are some of the interesting lamps I found. Those felt ones give a terrific light light don't you think?
Left: Vroonland  Right: Spoor 38 
Lower Left: Peanuts & Cherry's  Right: Van Vilt
All part of the house set up by 101 Woonideeen. The lady who makes the crocheted ones is Conzi.

So instead of a lamp, I bought a crocheted garland from Yvonne! The one thing I didn't expect to buy from this fair!

Have a great Sunday!!


  1. Que "increible". Esas lamparas. Ese sistema de iluminar, de presentar esos espacios. Y el color... Aparte, esa guirnalda tejidita la compraste alla??? Jm! tan bellita.........

  2. Dear Giova, it was so fun to get to talk to you for such a long time. Good to hear you did find your husband after all ;)

    1. Oh, yes! It was the highlight of my visit to that fair! And no, I'm still searching for my husband!


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