Friday, September 28, 2012

Inside Design Amsterdam 2012

Here is the rest of what caught my untrained eye. Two things that are pretty obvious from the pictures below are; one, that I love color, and two, that I love wood. Some times I wish that my home would have that clean, minimalist feeling of Scandinavian design, but no, I wake up and it looks like I landed in the middle of India by way of Morocco! I'm obsessed! Oh, and I love patterns of all kinds!

Below: Mae Engelgeer
Nicolette Brunklaus
Below left: Eveline Keyser

Top: Elisabeth Leersen

And this four things are the ones I wish I brought home with me!
Those tiny drawers, top left by Jenna Postma were my favorite thing!

If you see a scarcity of links it is because I was just happy walking, looking and taking pictures, forgetting that I might need names later. Mistake! Big one!
I'm off to WoonBeurs, not to just get more ideas that will never come into my home, but I'm actually looking for a lamp, a good, nice, cheap one. Is that even possible???

Have a wonderful weekend!


  1. Hope you'll find your lamp! But these days there's an overdose of new lamps out there, so I'm sure you'll find one that fits your style & budget ;) Oh and those Amsterdam & NYC city center bowls are cool!

    1. Yeah, you are right with the overdose... but I just want a simple one, that works well when I'm crafting! The bowls are cool as decoration, quite eye catching!

  2. Me gusto ese recorrido. Me gusta saber que hay personas que inventan y reinventan. Me gusta ver que de
    cualquier cosa hacen algo importante, diferente lindo. Me gusta.


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