Thursday, September 27, 2012

Cali, la linda!

Linda, means nice in spanish! You've probably read that my sister and I are from Cali, Colombia! You've probably also heard or read not so nice things about our beautiful country, but sadly thats how bad news works; it gets around faster and makes the rest of the world missinformed. But there is always beauty to be found everywhere, I think.
Yes, it has been tough, and yes, its been insecure in many places, but nowadays its so much better! It somehow seems that the real beauty that it is so easily found everywhere here can now be really appreciated.
Cali is located in the south west of Colombia. We're surrounded by mountains and it is always warm!

Hope you enjoy a little bit of the beauty we grew up in. I'll make sure I share with you the wonderful fruits we have here and the typical food that my sister and I miss the most.



  1. SI!!! Los olores, los colores, los rumores del viento, el canto de la lluvia...
    Todo se lleva "amarrado" en el corazon!!!!! SI!!!

  2. Ohhh tell me more! It looks so pretty!

  3. Kinda breaks my heart! So beautiful, so far away...but I feel like I know Cali a bit because I know all of you. Colombia is poorer without you.

    1. The good thing is that my sister is there and able to show us what she is seeing!


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