Friday, August 24, 2012

Visiting "Hotel MOM"

Every year for two weeks we visit my mom in Miami. It is our time to "relax" and my mom's time to spend with her grandchildren. We switch to shorts and sandals and go from beach to pool, from pool to beach.
The laundry gets miraculously done every two days or so, the service and amenities are unlike any hotel, and there is even a cat for my kids to chase around. What more can we really ask for? The only terrible thing is the goodbye, every year we cry even though we know we'll be back!

 Lorenzo the cat

 Some other visitors at hotel Mom; Mr. Mirla, Mr. Bluejay and Mr. Carpenter (my favorite)!

 My favorite picture from this summer!

August is birthday season in my family. My mother's, my husband's and mine! A good excuse to get balloons, dress up and take pictures! 

I hope you had a great summer, and that you had plenty of time to relax.Are you still in summer mood? Here in Amsterdam the weather is changing, a cool breeze is replacing the no breeze from days before. What was your favorite part of the summer? Mine was being able to spend hours in the ocean looking at the horizon, pretty radical isn't it?

Have fun, and if there is still summer where you are enjoy it! Have a great weekend!!
P.S: Thank you Mom for all the things that you do when we visit you!!


  1. Ohhhh this looks wonderful! Nice weather, the ocean, cat & birds, your family reunited... and even some polkadotted balloons! Happy weekend to you too!

  2. La verdad es que esa foto es una supernota!!!, felicitaciones a las 3; qué belleza!!!

  3. Por Dios!!!! GRACIAS!!! Me hacen muy feliz!!! Mientras tenga el favor de Dios, los espero, los disfruto, los vivo......... GRACIAS POR CONTAR CONMIGO. Bellas las fotos no?

  4. Que lindo comentario y que lindas fotos. Las tres son preciosas y esos ninos ni se diga! Ary H

  5. Divina esa foto de las tres!!! un abrazote para todas!!! Albita

  6. GRACIAS a todas por sus comentarios, son muy apreciados y agradecidos!!


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