Thursday, August 23, 2012

Lovely Store in Berlin - Yonkel Ork

 While in Berlin I had little time to wonder at my own leisure. Every morning on my way to the subway station I would choose a different route so that I would get to know my neighborhood and make a mental list of the stores I would love to visit the moment time was no issue. I was staying in Prenzlauer Berg which is full of beautiful cafes and shops and happened to walk by this very enchanting and welcoming one. Yonkel Ork, the loveliest and with something for everyone!

*handmade owls by the owner.
 Sonja Tschiche, the owner, is the nicest person you will meet. So while she's helping you choose things, she is also informing you where their from, who makes them or maybe even why she chose to sell it. She also makes beautiful little girl's clothing, stamps each bag you take your things in and while your going through all the treasures in the store you might stumble upon some really cool cards and prints, sketch books, washi tapes, stamps....its endless!

If you happen to be in Berlin and want to take some unique gifts with you I really recommend you visit this lovely place! There is also espresso and tea and a fabulous outside sitting area!



  1. Ahhhhh... me encantan esos sitios. Color, inspiracion, Cualquier cosita me llevo. Ves?

    1. Uff mami muchas cositas diria yo.

  2. Que almacen tan espectacular gianni!!! i agree with you!! besos. pau.

    1. Gracias querida creo que te hubiese encantado y te hubieras comprado de todito!

  3. Dear Giannina,
    thank you so much!!!

    You were truly the lovliest customer ever!!!
    I adore your business cards, and i hope that you will never stop making them.
    I´m showing them to customers as an example of how you could use masking tape with your heart.
    They are so beautifull and full of fun, love and passion.
    It was very nice to have you in the store and an inspiration to talk to you.
    Thank you so much for all the compliments and kind words.
    The store wouldn´t be any fun to run without people like you.
    And to "g.": YES, ... a LOT of stuff!!! HAHAHA ;-D
    I wish you all the best!!!

    Sonja (Tschiche)

  4. Dear Sonja,
    It was a pleasure meeting you and visiting your store!
    Thank you so much for allowing me to take pictures and for showing me all the beautiful things you have!
    And you are completely right, those cards are a treasure! I told my sister to keep making them!
    Hopefully you'll get to meet her one day!
    Thanks for stoping by this blog, hope you keep enjoying it!
    xo, Giannina.


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