Tuesday, July 24, 2012

William Kentridge in Amsterdam

I just got back (literally) from seeing/enjoying/experiencing the most amazing piece of art I have seen in a long time. A friend back when we were studying for our master's degree in art history, introduced me to Kentridge's work and this is the first time I am able to see it in person.
Black Box/Chambre Noire is "a mechanical theatre in which six mechanical figures perform in turn for twenty-one minutes against a projected backdrop of animated charcoal drawings and historical documentation."
To accompany the installation there are 50 drawings, and two of his films, Felix in Exile (1994) and The History of the Main Complaint (1996).
What can I really say, except that if you do have the opportunity to see his works in person GO!! It would be like trying to explain an opera to someone. You have to be there to understand it, feel it and hear it (the music is quite powerful)!

Tell me, have you ever seen his works? What was your experience?


  1. Uy!!! Eso se ve........

  2. AHHHH ! hice un trabajo sobre él. Me encantaría asistir a la expo. Increible su obra.

    1. Uuyyy Juanjo, no tienes idea lo que estar ahí parado. Llevaba años esperando esta oportunidad!


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