Wednesday, July 25, 2012

To Florence with kids

As I mentioned before, I had been to Florence when I was 17 (young and with not a care in the world) but traveling with kids can be an adventure on its own (especially when they are little). But also when they are becoming older because you have to entertain them differently. Thankfully there is a gelateria almost every where.  He is also into mythology which made all the statues placed around the city really interesting for him, and the visit to the Uffizi Gallery was something he was looking forward to.
Oh! and having a pool in the hotel was a major bonus for all!!
There are so many wonderful things to do in Florence so it is quite difficult to pick where to go. Since we were short on time and we didn't want to either overwhelm our kids or ourselves with so many things we decided to pick one thing to do for each day besides eating gelatos.
The one museum we chose to visit was the Uffizi. The Garden we picked was the Giardino di Bardini (because it is the less crowded one), and the church was the Basilica and cloisters of Santa Maria Novella.

I told you the garden was less crowded!!

A glimpse of the mini pool at the hotel. The view adds in greatness where the pool lacks in length.

The famous Santa Maria Novella and it's cloisters.
Visiting this city with the kids was great, we all had a wonderful and relaxed time. Unlike many big cities which can be hectic, Florence is quite walkable and easy to move around (no need for metros, undergrounds, buses, etc..). The food was glorious, the gelatos unbelievable, and the city enchanting as always!
                                                                                 ** R.H: Much thoughts of you on this trip!
You all have a wonderful day!


  1. Tan lindo que es parece increible poder tener la oportunidad de ver la misma ciudad a traves no solo de los anios pero de los ojos de diferentes personitas...

    1. ahhh fue lo mejor!! quiero volver prontooo!!

  2. Sera siempre y por siempre!!!!! Que bueno que aprovechen todas esas oportunidades. Que bueno compartirlas con los ninos. Que increibles fotos!!!! GRACIAS!!!! Yo las disfruto enormemente.

  3. Las fotos estan increibles, pero hay una que me gusta mas que todas. Me pido la foto en la que Nino sale como Dragon Ball Z en la piscina.

    1. Estaba muerto del frio eso era lo que estaba!! jaja dragón ballz!! uyy dejando comment en mi post, te veo bien!!! gracielas!!


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