Monday, July 16, 2012

Views from Above

I think it doesn't get much higher or better than the view you get from an airplane. And it won't get more beautiful and different either. You might think, Oh! There is that cloud again, or isn't that the same shade of blue as the one I saw 2 hours ago? Well, NO! Like Heraclitus said; "You can't fly into the same sky twice." Yes, he said river, but it applies to the sky just as well.
To say that I'm afraid of flying would be an understatement, so lately I've been "Instagramming" my flight from take off to landing. So far it has been working, I feel less tense. That is, until I detect a big grey cloud and can foretell the imminent turbulence approaching! The fun simply ends there.

How do you deal with situations or things that you are afraid of? I'd love to hear if you have any tips for making flying easier.

Happy Flying!
"You could not step twice into the same river; for other waters are ever flowing on to you." -Heraclitus

Check out this blog for really cool views of the Brooklyn Bridge!!


  1. ... Pero siempre bajo el mismo cielo. "...y al volver la vista atras, estoy mirando la senda que no volvere a pisar................" hhhhhhhh

  2. yo el miedo a las multitudes me lo amanso poniendome el ipod :).... y ese heraclito si que lo recuerdo, yo era más mala en filosofía, pero más buena en matemáticas...


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