Thursday, July 26, 2012

dOCUMENTA part 2

So here I was in the most amazing and important exhibition of contemporary art, being aware of the many art pieces and installations. Choosing in my head my favorites, my least favorites, the ones that pissed me of, the ones that made no sense at all... just thinking and getting mentally exhausted by it all!
We had the privilege of visiting dOCUMENTA with an art critic who is very brilliant and had mapped out a way for us to be introduced to this grand event. He made sure we knew of its history and showed us the pieces that have been there from the beginning and later on continue to show us little by little the extensive amount and variety of art. It would be almost impossible to try and explain each and everyone of them, or to even try and generalize how they were shown. I know which ones left a mark, the ones that amazed me and caught my eye and that even as the days go by I keep coming back to...
at the Fredericianum 
at dOCUMENTA Halle
at the Neue Gallery

The painter in me chose these! I'm saving the most amazing pieces (and not because they're my favorite...) for my final selection, I think you're going to find them very interesting (and maybe even like them).



  1. Ahora si quiero ir!! Como me lo voy a perder si el otro es dentro de 5 anios y quien sabe yo donde este de aquí alla??

  2. Que espectaculo!!!! Que cantidad de motivos, de inspiraciones, de voces!!!!!!!! Increible!!! que oportunidad tan maravillosa que vives y nos prestas.


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