Friday, July 27, 2012


One of our favorite activities (especially of my children) was eating italian ice-cream or gelato! There is nothing like it any where else in the world. There are some good gelatos around, but not like the ones you eat in Italy. I'm talking about gelato which is not like normal ice-cream (Ben and Jerry's or Haagen- Dazs to give you an example). Gelato is different; creamier, not frozen and it is not served in scoops!

This gelato hunting ended up being an activity in itself! Since there are gelaterias in almost every corner, the good ones, not so good ones, and the exceptional ones! The prices range from 4.50 euros (around the tourist hot spots) and around 1.50 (in the not so tourist parts). You know how sometimes we delude ourselves into thinking that because it is expensive is probably better? Not in this case! All of the good gelatos we had were either 1.50 or 2.00 euros. There is really no reason why you should pay more than that.

And another tip; try to go where the italians go, not where you see a huge line of tourists if you can! With so many flavors to choose that range from the not so common like black sesame or dark chocolate with orange or ricotta with lemon or... (this list could be endless), to the always wonderful and reliable yogurt flavor!

Our favorite gelateria by far was Gelateria La Carraia followed by the Gelateria Santa Trinita and Cantina del Gelato.

There is nothing like holding a gelato in your hand while looking at the Ponte Vecchio far from the maddening crowds of tourists even if you are a tourist yourself!  So tell me, which is your favorite flavor of all or the strangest flavor you have ever tasted?

I wish you a happy weekend and may you eat many gelatos or ice-creams wherever you are!!


  1. Que delicia!!! Tengo en mis recuerdos San Remo, Venezia, Patti...... Cuando era muy, pero muy pequena. Mandorle, Fragola, Orangina...... y un crocante "cucurucho" de vainilla.......... Intactos.

  2. Ice cream, gelato, frozen yogurt: I love it all :) Happy weekend!

  3. gorgonzola e noci es bueno.... pero el de yogurt me alegra el dia

  4. You've got me craving ice-cream now ;)

  5. El más raro tiene que ser queso con bocadillo de guayaba en un palito.


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