Friday, June 29, 2012

Here in Berlin!

I'm here! Berlin: I really hope you're as great as they say...I'm a bit sad about leaving my nephews behind after hanging out for a long while, hearing the little one say the numbers and the alphabet and my name as many times as possible during the day, seeing how my older nephew grows up everyday and is going way deep into teenager/rebellion years, being with my sister all day long...its just hard getting used to "a new life." I'm in my new apartment now (rented through airbnb) which is exactly as the pictures promised!
And of all the days to arrive here, I got in the day Germany was playing against Italy. Lucky for me Azzurri won, yayyyy!!!! But since I'm in Deutschland, I had to celebrate in silence each time they scored (woohoo!!!) Anyway, I'm excited for the weeks to come and the amazing things I know Berlin has to teach me!!! The weather seems to be on my side!

this is how I feel
but I know I'll break through in Berlin!
Can you think of any "must see, must do" here in Berlin? What are your plans, besides watching the UEFA final, for the weekend?
Have a lovely and hopeful one!



  1. Caminante no hay camino... Se hace camino al andar.....
    Disciplina!!! Proposito!!! Valor!!!! AGRADECIMIENTO!!!
    Que importante. Y esa vitrina es como vos!!! Que increible ese recibimiento .................

  2. AnonymousJuly 01, 2012

    Fotos muy lindas gianni!! Enjoy and God bless ya!!! Paula

  3. Go to Tacheles. I met the place by accident on a sunny spring afternoon and loved it. I hope the weather plays on your side when you go.
    Here, about tacheles:
    and how to get there:,0,3703194280869377727&ei=iIfxT7CWDOyV0QXKwdCMDg&ved=0CK8BEPwSMAA

    (sorry for the ugly links on your beautiful page)

    1. So are you coming? Will try to visit, looks cool!!! Thank you and don't worry about the links thats just the way they look...


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