Thursday, June 28, 2012

Street Art #2

As I've mentioned before I love street art! It just makes me happy to come across whatever it's on these walls. The surprise element is my favorite part. It is a wonderful thing when you come upon these works in the least expected moment. It just takes a second to see or miss!!
Here is what has crossed my path lately. I still can't believe that I have finally "bumped" into a Roa!!
Creo que ya les he contado antes que me encanta el arte callejero (la mayoría)! Me hace feliz encontrar cosas como estas en las paredes. El elemento sorpresa es mi parte favorita. Es maravilloso encontrar este tipo de trabajos en el momento menos esperado. Solo en un segundo puedes verlo o perdertelo!!
Esto es lo que se ha cruzado en mi camino últimamente. Me parece increible que finalmente me tope con un Roa!!

In Miami

In Paris

The raccoons plus decaying animals are from Roa, followed by the sunbather from Fila, then space invader from Invader, the face that is coming out from the wall has a signature but I still haven't been able to decipher it. Maybe my sister will find out, just like she did on the previous post!



  1. Hi Giova,

    Nice, and: OOOOOOOHHH!! I could show you some more in Rotterdam tomorrow!

    1. Yeahhh!!! Can't wait to see all the street art and of course you, the reason for going to Rotterdam!!

  2. Oh cool that you also spotted a Roa! Did you make a quick trip to Miami just to see it?

    1. I said to my private plane; "Get ready, there is some Roa that I need to see!!" Jaja
      Last month I was there and on my way to the airport I spotted it, and had to take the pictures, couldn't pass that opportunity!! Amazing!!

  3. Ahhhh!!! Valio la pena!!! ESPECATULAR!!!!!!!!!! Increible muy bien logrado!!!!!!

  4. Si mami, que tal??? Si ves que teniamos que parar?


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