Monday, July 2, 2012

"I do"

The day of the wedding arrived! The ceremony took place at the beach of the Hotel Excelsior. With no cloud in sight and facing the ocean they said: “I do”. The couple walked hand in hand while the Beatle’s “Here comes the sun” made everything official. We walked behind them as they disappeared (for pictures and such) and we continued on to bellinis and hors de oeuvres served by the pool, while “Fools rush in” played in the background. Later on the celebration was transferred upstairs to the grandiose salon! Beautifully decorated and lighted so much so it felt like a 1950’s movie set. A delectable menu was served proceeded by heartfelt speeches, delicious desserts and wedding cake! (I love wedding cakes!)
When it was time to start the party, the now married couple opened the dancing floor to Nina Simone’s “My baby just cares for me”. We went with their lead and danced and partied away till the early hours of the next day! (we got to see the most amazing sunrise while karaoking) 

I really loved that the music played such an important role; it added that touch that only movies have! It was a dream to be a witness to this beautiful occasion! In a tiny card were we wrote down our wishes to the couple, mine said something along these lines: “I wish you good luck…and that your many days and years ahead fill you with love and respect! And I wish that you may always have patience with each other!”

I wish you all the same...and a Happy Monday!


  1. AHHHHHHHH!!! Como un sueno. Increiblemente ESPECTACULAR!!!!!
    que bueno.

  2. AnonymousJuly 06, 2012

    And.....when will you say "I DO" ????.........jajajaja!!! hope soon!!! Paula


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