Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Weekend events

It was an eventful weekend specially with my mom being here! There was a beautiful sighting of butterflies everywhere. Red admirals are migrating south, so they were easy to spot all around us including the very rare that would stop and lay still on your shirt. The supermoon was not easily seen on Saturday since it was so incredibly cloudy but there it was on Sunday and it was really superb! And last but not least, the new installation at the Madison Square Park is up and its quite fantastical! This tiny park always has some amazing artists and its Charles Long turn to flirt with the public. He’s created a colorful park inside the park with railings that become sculptures that you can interact with! The blobs may remind you of animals, or gigantic chewed gum but once you touch them another world is opened! This weekend put a smile on my face.

 Hope you had a wonderful weekend!


1 comment:

  1. Nadie me quite lo visto y lo vivido!!!! Esas "tibias" figuras en ese esplendoroso parque, que al toque de las manos, murmullan desde su
    interior unos extraordinarios y sutiles sonidos.........
    Una "luna" real dandome la bienvenida. Un domingo florido de colores
    y mariposas desprevenidas haciendo su labor de "perpetrar" su estirpe.
    Que mas quiero para mi????


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