Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Arriving Early - Care packages

It could happen: Arriving early at a party (not in my experience), flights that arrive before their scheduled time  (rarely happens), babies that decide, "Hey let's surprise these people!"(happened once out of the two), a "couple" of white hairs that make a sudden appearance (did happen, still happens), or a much welcome early spring or summer. This list could go on with things that would be nice to see arriving early or that could've waited a bit longer to arrive. Here is one of my favorite things to get and appreciate when it arrives earlier rather than later; PACKAGES!! So this week not only did I receive one, but two very lovely packages from the two thoughtful and wonderful ladies in my life!!!


1 comment:

  1. Me da alegria. Me da mucha nostalgia. Tarjetas que no llegan. Palabras
    dichas a tiempo. Y un tejido de amor... Y un nudo de amor......


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