Friday, May 4, 2012


Is it?  My opinion regarding whether or not it can be considered art has changed over the years. I pay more attention now to what is on the walls, than I ever did before. I enjoy looking at things that surprise me. I like it because it catches me off guard. And most of the time it puts a smile on my face. Don't get me wrong, or get me wrong. I was an art historian (for a little while), now I rarely have time to go to museums, instead I wonder happily through streets, and even happier when things like the pictures below appear. I haven't bumped into any Banksy or Clairestreetart, that will be the day!! For now I'll settle with the ones I've seen and liked.

If you don't encounter much street art in your area, then this site Street Art Utopia is a wonderful place to visit!

Happy discoveries,

***It has been brought to my attention (by none other than my lovely sister) that there is indeed a famous graffiti artist among my pictures (the 2nd one) by Swoon. And here I was completely oblivious to the wonderful fact! Ha! Maybe they're all famous!!
****So my sister who has been working like a detective has found that the (3rd one) is by Fred Le Chevalier, very exciting discovery indeed!!!

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  1. Esos son "vigias" plasmados con sentimiento!!! Eso... Disfrutarlos
    Disfrutar de la oportunidad que nos brindan sus creadores. Me gusta.
    Me llaman tanto la atencion..........


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