Thursday, May 3, 2012

Blue Skies

Transition weather. I know its Spring, the flowers and the birds tell me so. But it also rains so much and then the next day it feels almost like Summer. And then the next day, the wind is so cold and the sky is so blue! Even though I’ve had the opportunity to see many blue skies, for some reason it always seem bluer here in New York. Have you ever wondered, why the sky is blue? Apart from the many romantic thoughts you may have given it, it actually is blue because the molecules of the gasses in the atmosphere scatter the light in all directions and because blue travels in smaller, shorter waves then voila- its blue!!! I know it may sound like all the poetry is gone, but when the sky is so gray like today…I really miss that shade of color…
Don't forget to look up!


1 comment:

  1. En la foto de la parte alta a la derecha, se mira un encaje de nubes que
    me deja ver un rostro... o dos??? Que quieren decir? O es mi mente
    o... la tuya tambien........ Ahhh que timida luna. Y que timido
    sueno invade la ciudad.........???


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