Friday, May 11, 2012


To be grateful for the person you call MOM!!! The one that knows you better than you know yourself, hurts when you’re hurting, worries for the bad and the good. And loves you for everything you are and are constantly becoming! Mom after all is our number 1 fan! Always!!! 
Having the opportunity of a sister that yes, sometimes has been there so much so that has also played the “mom” role, which is quite difficult but has nonetheless done it perfectly!
Oh to be grateful! And so incredibly lucky to have you both in my life…thank you!!!
 No matter the distance and the many days and nights in between...know that I love you both very much!
Happy Mother's Day!


1 comment:

  1. Como sea. Desde donde este. Aun cuando las "tormentas" y los fuertes
    vientos. El "titulo" de madre, lo dan los hijos. De no ser por ustedes...
    Gracias!!! Por ser como son. Gracias!!! porque creen en mi. Gracias!!!
    Y Gracias a la vida... Que me ha dado tanto......... FELIZ DIA DE MADRE!!!


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