Tuesday, December 8, 2015

Christmas Cards; to make or not to make

I started this family tradition when my oldest son was one year old... so I should at this point have 13 cards, but I don't. I forgot to keep one for me. What was I thinking? At the beginning they were all handmade, I think I had more time back then? Or I had no idea paper companies were specializing in printing really nice cards. 

Since the little one was born - 5 years ago- I've been buying them instead of making them. 


 This is 2003, a trip to??? 

2005 - the only time there was not a picture of us

This year, and the first time I put the year on it!

This year's card is not that different, but in a way it is. I love all of them. I love seeing how my kids have changed. I love taking the time to take a picture of us just for this reason.
This one took no more than 5 minutes, it is pretty much a selfie with the iPhone, since I lost all my pics of the year. I thought for some seconds that this year I wouldn't "make" Christmas cards. I'm glad I did.
For the past 3 or 4 years I've been using Tiny Prints. I really love the quality, how easy they are to make and how very affordable they are.

Has it started to look like Christmas where you are?
May you find the time to do the things you really like doing,


  1. They are so nice, lovely to keep. I have been allowed to take one photo only this year of my 17 year old! I will have to try and get another one...X

    1. Well, I have to bribe mine or catch him unaware, but he is 14 so I still have some kind of leverage ;)
      Thanks so much, the cards do make a nice record, and grandparents love them ;)

  2. I think this is a great idea and may be the answer I am looking for. I hand make lots of cards and it creates a huge amount of pressure because I always have so many other things to do. I love your different styles and especially the photos of you in national costume and moustaches. Thank you for sharing Giova. And make sure that you keep one back for yourself in future!


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