Thursday, May 7, 2015

Visiting Solingen and the Klingen Museum

A few weeks ago we decided  to visit the Klingen Museum in Solingen after a tip from a blogging friend. It is only 2 hours and a bit from Amsterdam, and well… I do love scissors, cutlery, knives, pointy things, etc… and this was just that sort of wonderful place.

 A thousand times swoon!

 And swoon a bit more…

 This one would look perfect in my collection…

How beautiful are these cases with the green and silver?  The perfect pocket knife. So sad they don't make things as beautiful as they did before.

 After all those gigantic swords, it was time for an ice-cream break.

Lo' and behold, we got lost but we found my kid's mothership, a Haribo supermarket. Guess who was the happiest in all the Solingen land?? I was!!

We drove 30 more minutes to see the Cathedral of Cologne, ate some amazing pretzels and then time to go back.

A very fun day for all of us, and perfect as a day trip. As a family with two kids that have almost a 10 year gap between them, it is sometimes quite difficult to find things they both can enjoy. This was really the best trip for both of them.

If you have any amazing ideas of things we could do, please, pretty  please let me know?? I will be eternally grateful ;)

Wishing you blue skies and tons of gummy bear eating,


  1. so interesting that the museum and the beautiful old cathedral are so close to where you live and even better...your two children enjoyed these places....
    Thank you for the photos...

    1. Thank you so much! It was such a fun trip and glad that it was quite close to us to really enjoy it!

  2. oh yes to have some of those scissors in my sewing kit! would be nice. I think some of the silver knives would have been used for peeling fruits, like grapes! My grandma used to do this for me when I was little, she was Victorian! An interesting place. X

    1. Any of those scissors would do for me as well. What a nice memory of your grandmother.

  3. I really enjoyed seeing those cool antique scissors and knives. I also love these things, and these are so beautifully crafted. This post reminded me of 100+ year old scissor broach that I received from a boyfriend (it was his great-grandmother's or someone's....) Better than a diamond. ;)

    1. I can only imagine how beautiful your brooch is, what an amazing gift!
      I'm glad you liked the scissors, they look better in person :)


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