Thursday, April 23, 2015

Spring in Amsterdam

Spring has arrived, like it does every year. Even if you have seen it all before the previous year, it feels like somehow you missed it all, and say to yourself; "was this here before? was it this beautiful?"

It probably was that beautiful the year before, nature always is magnificent, it is our memories that are a bit strange. It holds on to certain things and releases some others, and sometimes we don't even have a choice in the ones we keep or release. We remember the beauty in general, but not all the details. I think that is how we manage to see it all as if it were brand new each time (at least that is how it happens to me).

Spring in Holland is truly a spectacle not to be missed. Every time someone asks me about the best time to visit Holland, I say, "SPRING!!!". It really shows off, and makes up for all those many dreary grey days.

All the parks in the city are in full bloom. Or a 20 minute drive away if you want to enjoy the tulips in the fields.

A daffodil field with a hyacinth one in the back (the purples ones). The scent is quite incredible, and a bit too much, but I love standing there, breathing it all in, hoping it lasts me a while.

A mini-tulip field just outside my home. This is the best part of living here, you wake up one day, and tadaaa these beauties are out, which btw, weren't here last year.

Our first picnic of the year. Lifting our shirts to expose our bellies is a must.

These are the last few days left for the cherry blossoms at the Amsterdamse Bos. The wind is taking them away, little by little, and even that is a beauty to witness. It is like the softest and most beautiful rain. They will go away, and they will come back again, pretending it is their first time blooming. Next year I will pretend all over again.

Todays is the last day to enter the GIVEAWAY.

Have a beautiful weekend ahead,


  1. One day I will visit Amsterdam, perhaps in the Spring! beautiful to see the field of Tulips. x

    1. I hope you do get to visit one day, and spring is the best time of year in my opinion ;)

  2. Aw, beautiful blossoms. Happy (brand new) spring!!!

    1. Thank you, and happy spring to you too :)

  3. El "universo" en todo su esplendor. Para todos. Para cada uno. Como queramos reservarlo en nuestro corazon y en la memoria. GRACIAS!!!! por compartir tanta belleza.

    1. A que te refieres?? Al de la panza expuesta? :)


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