Monday, April 20, 2015

A very Blue weekend - the Indigo kind

I have been to mini-indigo heaven and back this past weekend. As you have probably seen by my Instagram feed or even here on the blog, I tend to gravitate towards the blues (also the music), but in this case the indigo kind of blue. I have loved indigo since a very young age, mostly in the form of jeans, because I refused to wear nothing else and I also happen to come from a jean lovers family.

Amsterdam Demin Days is an event for "denim lovers." With a few workshops on its schedule given by Blue Print,  I thought I'd join in the fun. You can see my result of the katazome ("or stencil dyeing technique that uses a Japanese paste-resist surface design") workshop here.

Mostly I was inspired by the visible mending, and the few boro pieces that were on display, but most all, I just loved all that blue together everywhere.

I did join the Sashiko workshop (this is my second attempt), but I can honestly say that it is not the craft for me. It is too precise and you have to follow a certain pattern. If you have seen my work, there is nothing precise about, and I also avoid patterns and repetition at all costs.

Please don't forget there is a GIVEAWAY going on.

I wish you a very beautiful day,


  1. very enticing, Giova. AMSTERDAM DENIM DAYS, what an event to have attended...

    1. It was so inspiring and I'm so glad I made myself go ;)

  2. I was able to take two books on SASHIKO out of the local library; and quickly decided that it was not for me either...too perfect...although there was one design that I photocopied-I coud possibly do a variation of it although not so perfectly. It is so interesting to see you say: "It is too precise...If you have seen my work....avoid patterns and repitition at all costs." I, too, like uncontrived.

    1. Yes! I think I would feel like a machine, doing the thing over and over, sashiko is interesting in the historical aspect of it, that part I find fascinating, but for me to follow a grid- only when I'm driving, haha!
      I would love to see what you do with the photocopied pattern.

  3. Ahhh..... magico azul.......!!! historia........


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