Thursday, March 20, 2014

Urban Jungle Bloggers

Today I joined a monthly series "urban jungle bloggers" organized by two people behind two very beautiful blogs; Igor and Judith. Their idea is to get some green into our homes and computer screens. Every month there is a different topic, and this edition is "Green Spring/Easter styling."

As I told you before, this turned out to be a week of first attempts. If you are wondering why this is a first attempt, let me tell you that, because this is a crafty blog, I rarely style things up. In fact, this is my first time doing this sort of thing. This is not how my house looks at all, but yes I do own all the things you see. The only things I bought were the chocolate eggs and bunnies (which by the way) are already in my son's and my stomach.

Pink Easter; This first plant is called Australian palm tree. I got my old handkerchiefs, all the pink books I could find and voilà!

Easter Brunch; This is how my table would look like if I actually prepared an easter brunch. Simple, and everyone would take home a succulent (my favorite plant).

Easter Break: Books, crochet project, warm tea, and obviously chocolate eggs. The tall succulent is my oldest plant (4 years). I do like her a lot!

It was really fun playing with things, eating chocolate eggs and letting my plants be the stars for the day.

Thank you Igor and Judith for such a wonderful series! I hope you check their Facebook page where you'll find what everyone else has come up with.

I wish you all a wonderful weekend (yes, no post tomorrow),


  1. This looks amazing, Giova! And it makes me so happy to be "virtually" invited to your Easter brunch! Thank you so much for playing along this month, it looks like you had fun (and yummm those pale easter eggs near "my" plate are sooo good!)

  2. Oh MY! This is so so uber-cute! Thank you so much for the dedicated place - I am smitten and I am very happy you joined our Urban Jungle Bloggers family! Happy spring, Giova!!

  3. a very welcoming table setting :-)

  4. you put so much love into details and the colours are so beautiful :) greetings julia

  5. I love this Giova! Of course my favourite is the top, pink styling, with the Australian palm tree! I didn't even know Australia had their own kind of palm tree! Your Easter break looks perfect! xx

  6. Divino..... Es como si depronto, me sumerjo en las "paginitas" de un cuento. El colorido, todo. Hermoso!

  7. Absolut extraordinary - I love it! And so sweet you dedicated the plates on the eastertable to Igor and Judith ;-)!

  8. Found you over at Urban Jungle. I have been reading a few months over there, just haven't participated, though I do love plants. Your styling is gorgeous!

    1. Thank you so much Brenda!
      I'm getting ready for this week's easter post. I don't normally join, but I do feel inspired by easter.
      You should give it a go, it is lots of fun :)


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