Wednesday, March 19, 2014

Mood Boards (attempts)

Apparently this is a week of first attempts. Unplanned, go with the flow!  I woke up yesterday thinking about mood boards, they seem to be everywhere and must have gotten into my unconscious that way, I think.

I did a tiny bit of research (mostly the top 2 results from google) and this is what the second said a mood board was:

  "A mood board is typically a combination of images, fonts, colors, and textures that define the style of the project. It is a tool for creatives and clients to come to an agreement about style. They come in many forms and they might even be called something different depending on the industry that you’re in. I’ve seen mood boards show up in fashion, film, photography, branding, web design, wedding planning, interior decorating etc. and they all have different ways of laying out their graphics." -Creative Mood board

Here I was thinking a mood board had everything to do with your mood. I was about to do an all grey and depressive mood board. It is a good thing I did my research first.

I went looking for things that I like, that have personal meaning to me, and this is what I came up with. I'm not planning a wedding or remodeling my home or for that matter anything. Just playing with things to see if they look right together or not.

This is actually my real mood board. The one I look at every single day. The one that makes me super happy!

Are you a mood board maker?? Does it keep you inspired or do you make them for a purpose only?

Have a great day,


  1. I like to think of them as inspiration boards. Somehow mood board sounds quite serious and/or confusing. Yours are mesmerizing! They belong in a magazine! And Nino's wall is really like beautiful soul medicine!

  2. Debajo de las piedras... En los rincones... Bolsas y cajas y cajitas....... Y el permanente e incontenible explosivo color. Y la "risotada" y la ocurrencia...... Ahhhhh eso si que resulta!!!

  3. Oh, I love this idea! I've been thinking of making something similar, but rather a board of inspiration to keep me on the right track with my blog. :) Love all of your arrangements!

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