Wednesday, March 12, 2014

The Best Chocolate Store in Amsterdam

First let me explain that I don't use the term "best" often or do I take it lightly. If you happen to love, enjoy or are crazy about chocolate, and you happen to be here in this city, this is one place you have to visit.  Just like you would write on your list of things to see in Amsterdam; "Van Gogh Museum' or "Rijks museum', you should write Chocolátl

I truly hope that the day you walk in you are lucky enough to find the owner in there. He will talk and explain, and give you samples of the chocolates he thinks you will love. Then maybe, like my husband you will never want to leave.

The store has a system, sort of like a library. I don't remember if they go alphabetically or by origin, but I assure you there is a system.

I'm not a chocolate person myself but I do appreciate the wonderful packaging that chocolate goes into, I mean I would buy these just for the wrapping. My husband will eat the chocolate and I'll use the wrapping for something. A win, win situation!

Beware 1: You can sit down and order amazing hot chocolate to drink (this is according to my husband), but don't drink too much or you might turn a bit crazy (see my little one?). Just kidding, he actually doesn't need chocolate to be all energized.

Beware 2: This is a place that sells the best chocolate from around the world. They don't make their own chocolate.

If you are interested in a place that makes chocolate, then check the one I mentioned here.

Are you a chocolate person?? If so, which is your favorite?? I'm more of a snickers kind of girl (but don't tell anyone).

Have an amazing day!


  1. I like chocolate, but I don't go all crazy about it either. That Icelandic omNom packaging is super cool! And the shop looks great too, like a real chocolate library, never seen one before. Noted the snickers ;)

    1. Yes, I haven't seen a store like this before, and I must admit it is really fascinating. So much chocolate and so much beautiful packaging!

  2. Esto es un verdadero espectaculo!!! me imagino "embriagada" de aromas...... Y loca de remate pero por querer mas, mas, mas, mas....... ahhhhhh...

    1. La verdad si es muy lindo todo pero no tanto como el de abajo ;)

  3. I am completely and totally a chocolate person!!! And because I ate so much of it in my last trimester, Tala is a little chocolate person too (as in she's probably made of 50% chocolate). I need to go to this store!

    1. You really should, you are going to love it!!
      She probably will too, with all those samples ;)


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