Friday, March 14, 2014

CHILD - Community Health Initiative and Livelihood Development

I don't even know where to start this story. A story like so many. A story that is lived in every corner of this world we inhabit. A story that cuts right through my heart, as a mother, as a human being.

This is the first time I'm attempting to help someone through the blog.  I only wish that my voice was so loud that it would be heard around the world, in order to get these children in school.

Josephine the head of this organization approached me with an email, that went to spam, and for some strange reason I didn't deleted it. I read it, and of course I couldn't say no.

I started asking around about the best way to help them (thank you Gabrielle and Katrina for your valuable advice), and we are slowly getting there. I'm not going to sugar coat this because I don't think it is necessary.

These are her words:

"CHILD engages girls in making paper bead jewelery from waste paper, fibre table mats, African bags, photo frames and all other forms of art as the client may wish. The project aims at supporting girls access to education by affording the poor children school fees and  scholastic materials such as books, pens, shoes, school bags and sanitary towels. Poverty has had negative consequences on the girls' access to education and this coupled with the patriarchal society norms, has perpetuated the inhibition of girls enjoying equal rights to education just like their male counterparts.CHILD aims at enhancing the enrollment and retention of girls in schools.
It is both for therapy and income generation to support the vulnerable and disadvantaged children especially girls, our biggest challenge is finding the market for the craft yet we entirely depend on the sales and profits from the craft sold to support the children's welfare and education. Finding markets for the craft and even funding for our work will be received with great joy."

She wants help. She wants the children to have an education. She needs money to be able to do that. She wants to sell the crafts they make, to be able to realize that dream for these children.

I want you to like her Facebook page. I want you to read her blog. I would like (if you can afford it), to buy the necklaces the kids make. Or make a donation. I would also like it if you could spread the word about her cause. Share her page and blog on social media. If you know of markets or craft fairs where these items can be sold please get in touch with her;

I'm sorry to be so straight forward but I can't think of any other way to ask for your help. She asked for mine, and now I ask for yours.

I wish you a wonderful weekend!


  1. Y????? a todo el mundo le "enyesaron" los dedos?........ Estas iniciativas, hay que tomarlas.
    Y mientras se pueda, en serio. Es un granito de arena, pero por algo se empieza.

  2. Let's spread the word and get these kids to school.


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