Wednesday, March 26, 2014

Magazine Roundup # 7

My only resolution for 2014 was to stop or at least reduce the magazine habit I created since my teenage years. I blame my father for this habit. But now that I've reached adulthood (if the 40's can be called that, haha) I have to take responsibility,  I guess.  I've been quite good actually, sticking only to what is absolutely necessary (again haha).

I started this series with the intention to share my love for magazines, the not so famous ones, the special ones (at least for me). Here they are, the two chosen ones for the last in the series. Good Company (US) and FUKT (Germany).

I'm glad I picked these two, because they seem to be the kind that will be around for a while. Actually, that is one of the things I like about good magazines, you want to keep them, just like books. They are helpful and the material is always relevant. This one has some recipes that I will hold on to, plus the photography is simply stunning.

This magazine looks like you've been snooping in someone's really cool journal. I had never seen this one before, and I'm glad I saw it. Inside it is page after page of amazing drawings. For inspiration is wonderful, I think.

Unfortunately due to economic reasons this is my last of this series. Magazines are getting more and more expensive (I do believe they are also getting better), but my wallet can't allow this anymore. We did have a talk the other day, and it informed me rather rudely, that this must STOP!!

All the other roundups are here, if you want to take a look.

On friday I will start a new series, a cheaper one (for me) and inspiring for you (I hope).

Have a lovely day,


  1. Duele..... La magia, la fascinacion, todo lo que queda en esas paginas... Ahhhh.........

  2. Sad to hear this series will be ending, but very excited about the new one! Can't wait!

  3. I still have magazines from the mid-90s that I sometimes look back on. I don't tend to buy too many now due to the fact I don't have a good magazine shop close-by. But when I'm away or in airports I definitely get my fix!


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