Wednesday, February 19, 2014

New York City through a window

If you have been reading this blog, you might know I went to NYC for 6 days. But maybe not know that the day after I arrived I got terribly sick (again), and any trip, when you're feeling down is just…. well it sucked big time!!
But apart from feeling sick, I felt even more terrible for not being able to experience and enjoy the city as I usually do. 
The pictures below are from NYC (of course), but most of them are from behind a window since my energy levels dropped just like the temperature, to -4 degrees C!!

 From the shops at Columbus Circle

 At the Metropolitan Museum looking for the William Kentridge exhibit

 From the Javits Center (where the gift show takes place).

 Entrance to the Javits Center

 Also the Javits Center (I spent a lot of time in there).

 View from the 3rd floor of the Kinokuniya bookstore (one of my favorite bookstores).

 The view from my hotel room. I was so grateful for this view... you have no idea!

 Entering Central park through 58th Street.

Entering Central Park from Columbus Circle.

For almost 2 years I didn't get sick, not once! Now it seems I get sick every other week. Oh, well…things balancing out right?

I hope you are well and healthy,


  1. It's normal to have winters like that every now and then. It will be good for your immune system (says Dr Jill). But seriously, to be sick in NYC is THE WORST! Jx

    1. Thank you Dr. Jill. Hopefully all this sickness will stop soon!

  2. Me encantan las fotos! Cualquier paseo enfermo se vuelve lo peorsito asi que a mejorarse para poder seguir paseando!

    1. Es verdad paseo es paseo y enfermo deja de ser paseo ;)

  3. Love this little series of photos! Sorry to hear you weren't feeling so well, though!

    1. Thanks a lot! At least NYC is very photogenic ;) Even from behind windows.

  4. Muy buenas tus fotos!!! "ciudad eterna de claros oscuros"...... Como diria "Chepe". Ahhh NY siempre..........

  5. What a wonderful take on the much posted NT theme. Your limitation gave it a totally new angle!
    Hope you feel much better now and I can understand your (can I say?) frustration. I've traveled the world but have never been to NY! It looks even in winter wonderful!

  6. Constraints lead to creativity. I love this post!


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