Friday, December 20, 2013

Christmas Wishes

This Christmas:

  •  may you get to spend it with your loved ones
  • and laugh at many silly jokes
  • may your stomach hurt just a tiny bit from all the wonderful food you'll eat
  • and each present that you get to open is just perfect
  • may you manage to find a bit of time to do what you most like
  • and a little puppy find its way to your home (this is me just hoping)
  • may your children's laughter (if you have any) move you to tears (those are the best tears)
  • and maybe just maybe I wish there will be some snow!

All the very best wishes for you this Christmas,

Lots of Love,

P.S: See you back here in a few days!


  1. Te buscaremos entonces. Bendiciones. Con salud y amor!!!! Todo eso que dices es absoluto. Para muchos...... si, si, si...

  2. And the same back to you, have a wonderful, wonderful Christmas (and may that puppy find you!) x

  3. Happy Holidays to you dear Giova! Hope you experience everything on your list. Especially the puppy part. I don't know about you but my stomach already hurts from all the great holiday food I've been eating…lots of love, Jill x


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